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Markus Maggiori
African percussion/ Vibes/ Marimba

The hectic, modern time of nower days has established a consistent position for the archaic power of the drums. Human being experiences rest, release and the feeling of community within.

Especially African music, for its diversity and "joy of life"- flavour always keeps fascinating anew.

During my expanded travels through Westafrica, it was especially the music of the Malinke I became acquainted with. Through Famoudou Konate, himself leader of the "ballet africain" since more than 20 years, i became familiar with the traditions and the unoverse of rhythm of the Malinke.

Rhythm is a special experience for everybody, professional or layman and it is my pleasure to mediate this experience to all people.


Classes in traditional African percussion, rhythms, songs and background. Classes in improvisation, composition and notation. Group-classes for all levels, workshops for single days, weekends or weeks.
Continuous classes and lessons (Switzerland only) Animation, lectures and demonstrations.

Group-classes for children and youngsters of all age. Classes inschools, social institutions, homes, youth-clubs etc.
SAP 3 years professional fulltime or parttime education in African percussion (Zürich).

Concerts and performances in various formations. Afro, Jazz. Pop etc. in venues of all sizes, churches, openair- & indoor-festivals.
accompaniment of dance and dance-classes, schoolconcerts.

For workshops up to 40 participants in Europe are available:

Djembes, congas, doundouns, balafons, gongs from Java & China, smallpercussion.

Negotiation and sale of all instruments, rental, repair & maintenance.
Negotiation of travels and workshops in Westafrica.

Education: - School of jazz, Zürich (vibes)
- Scola Cantorum, Basel
- Masterdrummer Kofi Missiso, Ghana
- Famoudou Konate, Guinee
- Adama Bamba, Ivory-coast

Guem, Africa dance compagnie, Irene Schweizer, Schlagart, Echo, Doppelbock and many others.

Echo & Doppelbock, trad. Swiss Music; Schlagart.

further information:
Markus Maggiori
Email: info@afro-percussion.ch
Phone/Fax: ++41 79 604 22 00



Since1992, Schlagart give concerts at different locations in switzerland and is getting popular in in the realm of worldmusic.More and more people get enthusiastic about the creative mixture of Ethno and Jazz, groovy afrobeats and filigree melodies.Their concets are extremely rich in different sounds, but it is also suitable music to dance to.



A new program and the special combination of strings and percussion produces an exciting experience of music.

Cello, Voice, Percussion; plays on small or big stages (clubs, theater, oper-airs) Own PA for max. 100 pers.

Schlagart are:

Markus Maggiori, Perc.
Jost Müller, Perc.
Willi Kotoun, Perc.
Sandra Weiss, Fagott
Daniel Pezzotti, Cello
Roman Glaser, Querflöte

Special Guest: FamoudouKonate
Booking and Infos:

Markus Maggiori
Tel./Fax 079 604 22 00

CD Schlagart available:
also as MC Live 98 or live video.



A powerful show,
creating a spectacular artwork with the exciting combination of rhythms, firework , acrobatics and sparkling metal.

Welding flames – a huge sculpture comes into being as a part of the whole event.

With the workers of metallwerkstArt.
And percussionists:

Markus Maggiori

Andi Brugger

Willi Kotoun

Dominik Burkhalter


Booking and Infos:  

Markus Maggiori
Tel./Fax 079 604 22 00


Music from mediveal age, with trad. Instruments. Dance and Vocal music from 1300 – 1500 period. Traditional Bag Pipes, Shawns, Flutes, Hurdy Gardy and Percussion.
Dide Marfurt
Daniel Som
Bernd Maier
Markus Maggiori
Booking und Infos:  

Markus Maggiori
Tel./Fax 079 604 22 00


Djembe, first quality, handmade in Iroko, available in different sizes. Price according to their size.(300-500)

Doundoun, Sangban and Kekeni, handmade in Iroko. Calfskin.

All drums are handmade in Abidjan (Cote d Ivoire)

Balafon, Lobi
Handmade in the north of Ghana, 14 lames, tuned pentatonic, (special tunes are possible) prices between 600 and 1000

Balafon, Senufo

Handmade in Korhogo, Cote d Ivoire 12 lames, tuned pentatonic

Talking drums, Ghana
Shekere, Ghana

Caxixi, Ghana
Caxixi, Cote d`Ivoire,
large and small

Claves, redwood and palisander

Goatskins and calfskin in all sizes

Each instrument is handmade and well-chosen.




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